2020 Underwater Tour Awards Winners

Congratulations to all everyone who entered this year’s competition. 


Guru Award

Chelsea Haebich
Adelaide, Australia


Underwater Scenes

Pavlos Evangelidis
Brussels, Belgium

Leru Cut in Solomon Islands, is one of my favourite dive sites. It goes under the island for about 100 m at a depth up to 23 m. It really comes alive when the sun is out and the sunrays break through the cracks but photography here can be challenging because of the extreme light conditions and the deep shadows.


Underwater Characters

Simone Caprodossi
Byron Bay, Australia 

Northern Gannets fighting for a fish in Shetland Island UK.


Aquatic Abstracts

Louise Nott
Lane Cove, Australia

Pineapple Swirl, Sydney Harbour NSW


Topside Scenes

Yung Sen Wu
Keelung City, Taiwan

“These Pacific species of salmon will come to the west coast of Canada from the distant sea every autumn, return to the birthplace of the inland river through the estuary, and look for the estuary of the estuary, the temperature of the river, and the environment.”


Underwater Black and White

Richard Condlyffe
Battle Creek, USA

Two Spotted Dolphins look as though they’re communicating and watching something out of shot. Bimini, Bahamas.


People’s Choice Awards

Pierre-laurent Pablo
Nimes languedoc, Philippines

Frog Fish hanging at Southern Leyte in Philippines