Whales Underwater

Join photographers Jasmine Carey and Canon Master Darren Jew on an unforgettable tour offering unmatched in-water encounters with humpback whales in the Kingdom of Tonga’s enchanting Vava’u Group of Islands.

The waters that surround Vava’u are the ideal location to swim with and photograph humpback whales during their winter migration – and at the same time sharing in-water experiences and photography skills with small groups of ocean lovers.

Since 2001 Darren has been travelling to Vava’u, photographing these magnificent creatures as
they go about their lives in the warm waters of this South Pacific paradise–as seen on the Netflix series “Tales by Light”.

“To look into the eye of a whale and have them look back is like no other wildlife experience on the planet.” Darren Jew

This is the marine wildlife adventure of a lifetime! Enjoy quality time in the water, up-close and personal with the magnificent humpback whales, in the clear, warm waters of their Winter breeding grounds.

Travel alongside renowned photographers Darren Jew and Jasmine Carey and gain insights into the world of whale photography including the creative processes that go into capturing their images. Not only will you experience some of the best whale encounters imaginable, you can join in on our citizen science data collection project, and receive expert photo guidance allowing you to take your photography to the next level of technique and creativity.

See you in Tonga!