Mike Ball Dive Expeditions Great Barrier Reef expeditions

World class scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea on Australia’s most awarded liveaboard, Spoilsport.

Leading the way in the Australian dive industry since 1969

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions operates exciting liveaboard scuba diving expeditions departing from Cairns to some of the best dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea.  Enjoy spectacular biodiversity on the northern Great Barrier Reef including the world-famous Cod Hole, or venture out into the remote Coral Sea for exciting big fish action, shark encounters and excellent visibility.

Spoilsport is Australia’s most awarded dive liveaboard, custom built for diving and with a twin-hull design that maximises space, stability, and comfort.  Plus, our procedures allow greater freedom for divers with an ‘open dive deck’ policy resulting in no restrictions on bottom time.

All of our diving is conducted more than 100 miles away from Cairns, either out in the Coral Sea or on the Ribbon Reefs of the Great Barrier Reef.  The Ribbon Reefs sit right on the edge of the Continental Shelf, bringing in an upwelling of nutrient rich water that attracts large fish populations and diverse coral species. We have a range of excellent sites to choose from and select the best to dive on any particular day based on weather conditions.

Great diving, just as you like it.

Expedition Summaries from April 2021-22

  • Fly Dive Cod Hole – 3 Night – 12 Dives 
  • Fly Dive Coral Sea – 4 Night – 14 Dives
  • Coral Sea Safari – 7 Night – 26 Dives
  • Minke Whale 3,4 and 7 Night 2021.  Minke Whale Expeditions run from mid-June to mid-July. It is a truly remarkable moment when these big, beautiful whales slowly approach you and glide gracefully past. As you come eye to eye with these amazing marine creatures, you’ll realise just how privileged we are to share their ocean. 

The company recognises the importance of preserving the underwater environment and has long supported scientific research in marine biology, hosting researchers on board and collecting data to support studies on minke whales, nautilus and coral.  In 2004 the operation achieved an Advanced Ecotourism accreditation and in 2014 was a founding member of Global Shark Diving, an international alliance of dive operators committed to shark conservation and providing unique shark experiences for divers.


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