“The combination of elegance, innovation and precision, present a new dimension in the symbiosis of state-of-the-art underwater housings and digital single lens reflex cameras. Electronic and mechanic perfection of the highest level is perfectly combined with timeless, modern and ergonomic shapes. SEACAM can therefore fulfill the wishes of dedicated hobby photographers as well as those of discerning professional photographers and guarantee superior technology and highest long term value.”
Harald Hordosch

Our Philosophy

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein

SEACAM has never complied with fashion or trends. We have always, however, had an open ear for valuable advice and taken comments and suggestions from photographers seriously. They have helped us develop one of the best tools for underwater photographers.

In spite of the breathtaking speed in which the world around us changes nowadays there are constants and values that remain valid. Such as the belief that an underwater camera housing is supposed to fulfill the requirements of the photographer, not vice versa. The result is what you can see now. We build underwater camera housings – but it is only in the hands of the photographers that they show their true qualities.


It is a long way from the idea to the actual construction. On the basis of freehand sketches we discuss and design all components of our systems in many phases, until they are constructed on the computer via CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Two- or three-dimensional drawings and animated visualizations of the components are created, which allow us to calculate characteristics such as volume and weight. Through the aid of a special software we perform mechanic simulations with the housings under compression load.

The finalized CAD models are then used as input data to drive the CNC-machines. This construction system guarantees highest precision but at the same time greatest degree of flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing camera systems.

Our System

Versatility is the basis of the SEACAM philosophy. The individual equipment allows the photographer to choose the configuration that best meets his or her requirements. Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore each singular component contributes towards the final image quality and work routine. By component we don´t just mean screws and nuts but solutions for image composition, imaging performance and handling.

For this reason, SEACAM housings and accessories are based on a unique modular design which, within each system, ensures an unequaled compatibility in the long run. The changeable viewfinder system which can be removed for transport, our modular front port system or the digital flash system are only a few cornerstones of this extensive system.

Your satisfaction is utmost important to us.

With the purchase of a SEACAM silver you already have a special full service included. But we want to make sure your satisfaction continues after your purchase. Your continuous satisfaction, after years of problem-free usage is essential to us.

  • SEACAM offers you exceptional service features which include maintenance and repair but also quick delivery of spare parts.
  • Qualified service center staff
  • A SEACAMsilver housing, the ports, the flash system and the accessories have not only been checked thoroughly but are also equipped with a worldwide 24 month warranty