Nautilus Dive Adventures is known first and foremost for its fleet of four liveaboards operating diving adventures in Guadalupe, Socorro and the Sea of Cortez, offering divers the chance to experience some of the most charismatic big animals on the planet in extraordinary environments.   

But did you know that together with Baja Expeditions, we truly pioneered eco-tourism in Baja 27 years ago, including the first gray whale viewing camp at San Ignacio Lagoon?

Each Northern hemisphere winter gray whales make their annual migration south from Arctic waters to the warm, shallow waters to mate and calve; bringing the world’s most extraordinary wildlife encounters.

Imagine a 49 foot long gray whale, no more than an arms-length away, raising its great head from the water to look you directly in the eye. A mother whale approaches and gently nudges her newborn calf towards your boat, presenting him to be admired. 

Here in this remote lagoon in Baja California, Mexico, part of the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, these dreamlike encounters are a reality and will touch your soul. 

Once hunted to near extinction and branded as “devilfish” due to aggressive attacks on whaling boats, gray whales have since undergone both a remarkable recovery in population and a moving transformation in their view of humankind. 

San Ignacio Lagoon, with decades of respectful ecotourism, has been the center of this heart-warming display of forgiveness and redemption, where gray whales place their trust in humans to the point of seeking out interaction with visitors.

Wonderfully remote, yet just two hours from Cabo San Lucas, we fly you in by private charter. This four-day, three night adventure includes virtually unlimited expeditions into the lagoon to observe and interact with the gray whales as they spy hop, breach, and nurture their young. Come face to face with these gentle giants while staying in beachfront glamping tents.

Above water, San Ignacio is ripe for adventure and opportunities for kayaking and birding in the mangrove estuaries abound. Our expert naturalist guides and exceptional crew will ensure you get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Our culture of relentless and obsessive attention to safety has been a cornerstone of our business from our early days operating in the 1980’s.   You may already know of our Nautilus Lifeline personal safety beacon.    Then you know we don’t just go underwater, we go above and beyond.  

It’s all about YOU.