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Momento Pro is Australia’s most established photo book company and it was founded by people just like you. Geoff and Libby loved travelling and taking photos, and while trekking through Canada they decided to develop software that would allow anyone, regardless of their design or computer skills, to be able to turn their photos into photo books.

Sixteen years later Momento is the most awarded photo book company in Australia, and they produce premium books, boxes and stationery for photography lovers through to professionals.

While Momento’s software makes it super easy to layout photos and text, it’s the thought that goes into how you capture, select and sequence images that turns a good photo book design into a masterpiece.

Just like a movie, the photo on the cover or first page sets the scene for what’s ahead, so for a book about your last dive holiday, an iconic, wide-angle shot of a reef or onshore location is a great start.  A title confirming the place and date is also helpful, but oft forgotten.

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve snapped hundreds of photos, so when choosing the images for your book focus on hero shots, as well as those that can work as visual punctuation or reveal more detail about your experience. Aim for less rather than more. If it’s not in focus or it’s a duplicate it’s out.  As a guide, a 60-page travel book might include 150 photos.

Do your hero shots justice by presenting them in a large size on a right hand page then pair it with one to four smaller images on the left page. For maximum impact, make a photo fill a double page spread, right to the edges.  Lay out second rate shots that aren’t perfect but are important to your story in a grid of 9 or 12 images.

While people commonly sequence their photos in chronological order, you can also get creative and group them together based on their colour or composition.

In the same way that movies have busy scenes followed by quieter moments, a photo book is more interesting when the number of images per page and their size changes. Consistent alignment and white space at the top, bottom and sides of the page is visually pleasing too.

Thought should also go into your choice of size, paper and cover material. If you’ve got lots of photo spreads choose Lay-flat paper to really show them off, and if it’s a special edition consider a Grand size with black end pages and one of their blue linen covers to make it sing.

If you’re inspired, head here to register, download the software and claim your 30% discount on first order then 10% discount on all future orders.

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