Aquatic Abstract Winner, The Guru Awards 2021

We are delighted to announce the Winner is Richard Condlyffe from Battle Creek, MI, USA with his image taken in Exumas, Bahama. “I lit this open Giant Basket Star at night using directional pink light to combine color with its beautifully shaped and textured branches.”

Category Definition:  Underwater or topside photographs of freshwater and/or ocean subjects. Abstracts do not necessarily represent reality, but rather seek to evoke an emotional response using shapes, colours, and textures. Seventy percent (70%) of the image must depict water.

UTA:     Richard, what was it that inspired you to take up nature photography?

RC:       Growing up in the UK, I always loved watching the amazing wildlife documentaries of the BBC.  Ever since then I’ve loved nature.  

UTA:     What is your aim when you’re taking images?

RC:       There’s no simple answer to that question… It depends what I’m taking the image for, and it depends on the subject and environment

UTA:     How will winning the Underwater Tour Award help you moving forward?

RC:       Winning the Aquatic Abstract category is a confidence boost to the creative aspects of my photography and inspires me to experiment further with creative techniques. 

UTA:     What do you consider your own challenges when taking photos?

RC:       Last year when you asked me that question I said my challenge was not “chasing” the shot.  I think I’ve improved in the area, and now I’m focused on challenging myself to consider the full composition of the shot when the adrenalin is flowing and not just the main subject. 

UTA:     Do you have any preferred underwater subject or concept?

RC:       I love photographing sharks.  And sharks are the underdogs more than ever before, so we must do everything we can to promote their conservation. 

UTA:     What has been your best moment underwater so far?

RC:       That’s a tough one…  I would have to say my close up interaction with Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. 

UTA:     What are you planning next?

RC:       I will probably head down to Palm Beach, Florida.  In that location I can do some shark diving, some blackwater photography in the Atlantic gulf stream, and macro at the Blue Heron Bridge. 

Here we have Y-Zin Kim announcing the Winner of the Aquatic Abstract category.

Richard has won AUD 500 cash, a SCUBAPRO Glide BCD, a Momento Pro $200 voucher and a Living Image A2 size premium cotton paper print of the winning image.

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