Finding Silver Underwater

Entering an overseas dive show or expo such as DEMA, ADEX, BOOT is exciting.  Imagery, widgets, gadgets, old and new friends, promises. There are opportunities and bling everywhere.  

Walking the huge halls, there’s always one exhibition booth that stands out, generating a coveted buzz of a slightly different kind – interesting, adventurous, bold and confident. 

On approach you’ll recognise a sprinkling of high-profile faces enjoying animated and friendly conversations. You’ll notice a curated collection of beautiful underwater imagery carefully, professionally placed on clean walls – like an art gallery.  There may be a sofa or two.  You’ll see silver objects of desire.

This first impression of SEACAM years ago still rings true today but what exactly is it about SEACAM’s products and its people that holds this aspirational brand above its competitors?

An aviator with a love of history, SEACAM Founder Harald Hordosch’s interests are as varied as they are adventurous.  A diver since 1972 and keen photographer at a time when there were only two types of underwater camera housing available, Harald began production in 1989 of a series of colourful futuristic looking housings, morphing in 1991 to become the brightly coloured Minicam, the shape of which had begun to look a little like the beautifully sculptured SEACAM style we see today,

In 1997, the now iconic SEACAM silver underwater housing surface technology was launched.  From then till now, one principle has remained steadfast – each individual SEACAM silver housing is handmade In Austria – a unique specimen assembled by a single technician in order to ensure optimum quality and performance.

The company has never complied with fashion or trends, but instead has always had an open ear for valuable advice and taken comments and suggestions from photographers seriously.  Built on this authenticity and respect, the result is that SECAM builds fine handcrafted underwater camera housings, but it is only in the hands of the photographers that they show their true qualities.

Not only used and valued by professionals such as David Doubilet, Stephen Frink, Paul Nicklen, Jürgen Freund, Kurt Amsler, Laurent Ballesta, Aaron Wong, Mark Spencer and Kevin Deacon, classy SEACAM silver is quietly noticeable amongst guests at most reputable dive resorts and on good liveaboards.

One thing’s for sure – you’ll find SEACAM silver in the hands of discerning photographers around the world, providing them with confidence, superior technology and the highest long-term value.

SEACAM has generously provided AUD 5000 of silver from its product range for the Grand Guru Prize in the Underwater Tour Awards. For more information go to

Entries close on 31 March!

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