It’s a Best Seller!

The World Beneath – The Life and Times of Unknown Sea Creatures and Coral Reefs, Dr Richard Smith

10,000 copies sold and counting! Richard’s book has taken a giant stride off bookshop shelves everywhere. A ‘must have’ for anyone who is curious about the ocean and its inhabitants.

”In the declining early evening light forty-five feet beneath the surface on a remote Indonesian coral reef, a tiny seahorse strangles another with its tail” 

So begins a beautifully written immersion into the underwater world whereby Richard introduces readers to the marine environment he loves.  With over 300 stunning images, Richard engages us in science wrapped carefully and gently in superb story-telling.   Crime, passion, mystery, sci-fi and horror – it’s all there on the reef! 

This exquisite one of a kind volume gives extraordinary insight, shows the striking colours of the sea creatures, and gives a rare up-close view of their world.

​You can find it on Amazon and Booktopia

We’ll have Richard in the studio for the Underwater Tour Show 2021 (thanks to the wizardry of technology). And you can see Richard’s Spotlight Feature short film premiere, The Little Things, in advance. You just need to organise a ticket. There are Free Tickets, Silver Tickets and Gold Tickets.. Click here for info.

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