Close Encounters

Imagine a 15m long grey whale, no more than an arm’s length away, raising its great head from the water to look you directly in the eye. A mother whale approaches and gently nudges her newborn calf towards your boat, presenting him to be admired. These dreamlike encounters are a reality, and a visit there will touch your soul.

At Camp Tio Timo, an easy and convenient 2 hour chartered flight from Cabo San Lucas, Nautilus and Baja Expeditions invites you to share in this unforgettable experience.

Once hunted to near extinction and branded as “devil fish” due to aggressive attacks on whaling boats, grey whales have since undergone both a remarkable recovery in population and a moving transformation in their view of humankind. San Ignacio Lagoon, with decades of respectful ecotourism, has been the centre of this heart-warming display of forgiveness and redemption, where grey whales place their trust in humans to the point of seeking out interaction with visitors.

Did you know that gray whales have one of the longest migrations in the world? January sees these gentle giants beginning to arrive in San Ignacio lagoon from their epic 6,000-mile migration from Alaska, where they will stay put until the end of March to breed and rear their young. The whale’s conservation comes first and foremost in this area, and while we never encourage the touching of wildlife, the gray whales of San Ignacio lagoon are wholly unique and will actively seek out Nautilus’ pangas to be stroked and petted, allowing for truly extraordinary encounters on their own terms.

Remote. Minimum impact. Luxury glamping. An iconic adventure for mindful travelers.

In an increasingly interconnected world, being able to switch off and reconnect with nature is the ultimate luxury. The first of its kind, the wilderness glamping camp is located along the shoreline of San Ignacio lagoon, offering the unique opportunity to get off-grid in the remote wilderness of Baja California without sacrificing comfort and luxury.    

Wave goodbye to rough tent nights cocooned in a sleeping bag. All glamping tents are heated, windproof and insulated to withstand the coldest nights in the desert and have ensuite bathrooms and showers inside the tents. Real beds with fine linen ensure you get your 40 winks.  Each tent has been strategically placed along the shoreline to offer uninterrupted sunset views over the lagoon, ensuring your own slice of paradise.

Aside from unlimited whale watching, San Ignacio is an adventure playground. The camp offers mountain biking and hiking into the cacti-studded desert, or, for something more relaxed, enjoy a boardgame in the clubhouse or play billiards at the bar and lounge, serving fine wine, craft beer and single malt scotches. There are nightly naturalist presentations so that you can learn more about the area’s unique wildlife and characteristics.

A San Ignacio Lagoon Gray Whale Adventure is just one of Nautilus’ extraordinary offerings who are known for their big animal liveaboard adventures in Socorro, Guadalupe and the Sea of Cortez, their partnership with Backscatter and for their Nautilus Life-line Personal safety beacon. Head to: Nautilus Liveaboards

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