The Dugong Detective

Marine field biologist, marine mammal specialist and world authority on dugongs, Janet Lanyon is Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Queensland where she leads the Marine Vertebrate Ecology Research Group.

Janet’s academic focus initially was in fact the specialist feeding of koalas.  She was already an avid scuba diver with a particular interest in whales, but a chance and happy encounter with Professor Helene Marsh at JCU, steered Janet in a dugong direction, which has remained her specific research area now for more than three decades.

Janet’s Underwater Tour Spotlight Feature ‘The Dugong Detective’ takes us on a fascinating underwater tour of our oceans where she reveals extraordinary facts about the very private lives of these whacky marine mammals, their favourite hang outs and daily life.  A listed vulnerable species, the slowest breeders of all marine mammals, dugongs are difficult to observe due to their love of murky water and secretive tendencies. 

No more spoilers from us, we learned so much bringing the short film together. There are still mysteries to be uncovered and thanks to Janet and her team, research continues on these intelligent and thoughtful animals.

The three exclusive Spotlight Feature film premieres, The Art of Light with Aaron Wong, The Little Things with Dr Richard Smith and The Dugong Detective with Janet Lanyon are included in all Underwater Tour Show tickets – even the FREE tickets. 

Aaron, Richard and Janet are our studio guests on the Underwater Tour Show on Sunday 23 May at 7pm AEST. We’ll be talking about their films and other big subjects such as:  Does size really matter?  What am I?  And sinkers vs floaters?

The Spotlight Feature short films will be delivered via a link to your inbox.  Enjoy the films in your own time, before the Underwater Tour show goes to air. Get to know our stars and their passions before we chat to them on set during our live show! But you do need to have registered for a ticket.   That’s easy.. click here.

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