Scubapro’s Secret Sauce

We look at the three key ingredients that provide the foundation to the company’s success. Scubapro is all about: divers, our oceans and the future of this planet.

For over 50 years, Scubapro has been committed to the sport of diving and to the protection of the world’s oceans that provide us all with so much of our enjoyment, exploration and adventure.

From environmentally responsible products, materials and manufacturing techniques to sponsoring the conversation efforts of numerous organisations and their Deep Elite Ambassadors work, no dive company does more to protect the environments we all love to explore.

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS. Scubapro dive wear is the greenest – or rather bluest – in the industry. In 2012 Scubapro was the first to introduce X-Foam neoprene in an ongoing effort to reduce pollutants and harmful emissions and in 2016 the first to introduce solvent free glue on its Everflex suits. Today, all Scubapro Neoprene drysuits, wetsuits, hoods and gloves feature solvent free glue to better protect divers and the environment.

BUILDING AN OCEAN ETHOS. Scubapro believes in working together to take on the biggest issues facing our oceans, while encouraging every diver to be conservation minded. For over 50 years, the company has partnered with organisations that support these ideals, including Mission Blue, Galapagos National Parks, Conservation International, WWF, Antinea Foundation, REEF and the National Marine Life Centre, amongst many other agencies.


  • All of regulators, instruments and dive computers are packaged in 100% plastic free carton boxes. The next step is to move from boxes to fabric cases, like the one already used in the packaging of the MK25 EVO/S620ti.
  • Working diligently over the past few years, by 2019 Scubapro had removed 100% of the plastic packaging from their line of accessories in favour of carton header cards.
  • Most masks come in a reusable box that can be used for transport and storage – also handy for holding small items you need for diving or spare parts.
  • Plastic boot bags were replaced with reusable fabric bags for transport and storage. Similar packaging for dive socks, gloves and hoods followed in 2019.
  • In addition to some fins already available in reusable mesh bags, In 2019 new fin packaging changed to cardboard boxes made from recycled paper with plans to carry this over into BCD’s in the future.
  • As of 2019, all plastic was removed from spare parts packaging.

Scubapro products help new and experienced divers to discover and experience the amazing undersea world, and invites everyone to join together with the company in working to preserve it for future generations.

PROMOTING DIVING WHILE PROTECTING OUR OCEANS. “It is the Scubapro way. Our mission, our passion. And Scubapro leads by example.”

Scubapro is staffed by avid divers who recognise a personal responsibility to preserve and protect the very thing that our products allow divers to explore. Renowned marine biologist and preservationist Dr Sylvia Earle sat on the board for many years, while Scubapro’s president is on the Advisory Board of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Scubapro employees are active volunteers and regional offices regularly lead beach clean ups and donation drives each year.

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