The Little Things

Dr Richard Smith returns to join us in his Spotlight Feature short film – The Little Things – where we find him on location in the heart of the Coral Triangle, and where he takes us on a remarkable underwater tour of his most recent adventures and discoveries.

Richard’s curiosity and passion for the underdogs of the sea drive him to continually search for, observe and understand marine organisms so few of us are likely to see ourselves.

We glimpse into his findings that set the scene for us, discovering the importance of each and every species – canaries in the coal mine – and how they are so intrinsically interlinked, each with their own contribution to the overall diversity and health of reef systems everywhere. 

Enjoy beautiful filming, photography and considered narration.  Dive in with Richard and journey over the drop off.

And thanks to the wizardry of technology, we’re delighted to welcome Richard into the studio as our Guest Star for the Underwater Tour Show on May 23.    We’ll be putting him in the Spotlight, talking about this film and his recent book ‘The World Beneath – the Life and Times of Unknown Sea Creatures and Coral Reefs’ (available on Amazon or Booktopia). We’ll find out more about what he’s up to and test his knowledge!

Plus! If your interest is underwater photography, Richard advocates knowledge of habitats and animal behaviour as being key to capturing interesting underwater images.  Keep this tip up your sleeve for the next time you’re behind the lens underwater.

The premierès of the three Spotlight Feature films (one with each of our guest stars) are included in all Underwater Tour Show tickets – even the FREE tickets – and will be delivered via a link to your inbox  before the show  – from 14 May – but you do need to have registered for a ticket. That’s easy.. click here.

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