Underwater Characters Winner, Guru Awards 2021

We are delighted to announce the Winner is Luc Rooman, from Kieldrecht, Belgium with his freshwater image taken in De Melle Turnhout, entitled ‘Mating toads catch by a sunbeam’

Category Definition: Underwater photographs depicting marine/aquatic animals. Can be taken in freshwater or the ocean. Seventy percent (70%) of the image must depict water.

UTA:     Luc, what was it that inspired you to take up nature photography?

LR:       Like many people, Jacques-Yves Cousteau was our great example where I dreamed as a child to portray the underwater world

UTA:     What is your aim when you’re taking images?

LR:       To let people enjoy the underwater world as much as possible

UTA:     How will winning the Underwater Tour Award help you moving forward?

LR:       It is always a great honour to win in a big competition so that people all over the world can admire my photos

UTA:     What do you consider your own challenges when taking photos?

LR:       To portray the subject in the most natural way possible with a certain wow factor

UTA:     Do you have any preferred underwater subject or concept?

LR:       One of my favourite underwater subjects is sea horses

UTA:     What has been your best moment underwater so far?

PE:       In 2017 at the CMAS World Championship underwater photography in La Paz Mexico I had my first encounter with whale sharks which was very special for me

UTA:     What are you planning next?

LR:       In September a trip to Anilao Philippines but my big dream remains to meet in Australia with the leafy seadragon.

You can see the Stella Freund’s announcement below. Stella is Jurgen Freund’s partner in life and work.

Luc has won AUD $500 cash, a SCUBAPRO Nova 850 rechargeable torch and battery pack, a Momento Pro $200 voucher and a Living Image A2 size premium cotton paper print of the winning image.

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