Vote for your Eco Hero!

Superb submissions encompassing the tireless work of six (6) Semi-finalists in the Eco Hero category of the Underwater Tour Awards are now live for public voting.

A moment of reflection first…bringing together a submission for the Eco Hero Award takes considerable time and effort – addressing specific criteria, providing examples, endorsements, results – all to demonstrate an individual’s track record in their chosen environmental endeavour.  The information the Semi-finalists provide proves gravitas and provenance, underpinning their entry. It’s not possible to wing it.  Congratulations to the Semi-finalists for making it this far in the Underwater Tour Awards, it’s well deserved for all the selfless  work you do.

Thank you to the wonderful people who put forward the nominations, and in doing so donated their nomination fee to Rainforest Rescue whose sustained work in the Daintree has positive impact on our Great Barrier Reef.  Every dollar helps.

You’ll notice the semi-finalists’ commitment to making an environmental difference is incredible and commendable.  It’s up to you now to view their eco resumes and vote.  Three (3) participants will make it to the Final round.  One (1) will win the Eco Hero Award. 

The winner enjoys a stay on Lady Elliot Island, known for it’s pioneering environmental philosophy.

Who are the Semi-finalists?

Jacqueline Younger, Dromana, VIC

Dylan Boag, Sanctuary Point, NSW

Louise Hardman, Red Rock, NSW

Tony Isaacson, Parrearra, QLD

Sarah-Jo Lobwein, Kurnell, NSW

Diane Oxenford, Woorim, QLD

What do they do?… Well, please see their Eco Resumes and vote here – you are sure to be inspired! You can vote just once and every vote counts!

Thank you for supporting this important new Award in the Underwater Tour Awards 2021.  The winner will be announced on the Underwater Tour Show, 23 May.

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